New book about modelling the Fate of Chemicals in the Environment and the Human Body


A new book entitled “Modelling the Fate of Chemicals in the Environment and the Human Body” and published by Springer is due by the end of July 2017. This volume focuses on modelling the fate of chemicals in the environment and the human body to arrive at an integrated exposure assessment. It covers five broad topics, namely: future challenges in exposure assessment; the evolution of human health and environmental risk assessment; standard documentation for exposure models; modelling different environmental components (i.e. surface waters, atmosphere, soil, groundwater, plants, aquatic organisms and mammals); and the fate of contaminants in humans.

This work draws on the authors’ and editors’ extensive experience and a range of different research activities, including case studies, that have led to the development of MERLIN-Expo, a standardised software package for simulating the fate of chemicals in the main environmental systems and in the human body in an integrated manner. It will be of considerable interest to researchers and students, risk managers, and policy- and decision-makers whose work involves environmental protection and human health.

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ECsafeSEAFOOD Final Event: Seafood Safety: New Findings & Innovation Challenges

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Royal Flemish Academy of Science and Art in Brussels, Belgium. 25-26 January 2017

The EU-funded ECsafeSEAFOOD project will host a stakeholder event and open science meeting in Brussels. The conference is a unique event that marks the end of the ECsafeSEAFOOD project which has assessed food safety issues related to non-regulated contaminants present in seafood as a result of environmental contamination and evaluated their impact on public health.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge on seafood safety, identify the key issues associated with seafood safety in Europe and discuss strategies to mitigate these risks, debate seafood safety risks and challenges, and network with food safety experts.

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Deadline for registration: 15 January 2017

Abstract submission deadline: 29 October 2016


Mycotoxins: new technical and regulatory scenarios


Centro Congressi «Il Fienile», Residenza Gasparini, via Anselma 9, Piacenza. 15TH July 2016

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