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AEIFORIA is a university Spin-Off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza. It acts as a permanent platform for the valorisation of results coming from the chemical-agrochemical, agronomic, environmental and ecotoxicological research through:

  • The transfer of technological innovation to the productive world at the national and international level, in the sector of the environmental studies of chemical substances such as plant protection products (PPPs), biocides, pharmaceuticals;
  • The planning, development and implementation of activities of environmental monitoring, risk evaluation and of assistance for a sustainable use of chemical substances;
  • The implementation of activities of support to technical consultancies, public or private, such as field trials, laboratory studies, use of models, development of systems for the reduction of the environmental contamination, assistance and support to the commercialization of PPPs, biocides, pharmaceuticals, etc;

The business idea arises in 2009 within the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, a research group with long experience which is famous for being since its birth, the school of nationally and internationally known researchers and business people. AEIFORIA provides qualified, innovative and updated services, thanks to his experienced staff and its solid partner network. Besides, the collaborative working with other spin-off and companies allows to face interdisciplinary problems with both a vertical and transversal view, strongly directed to the market of agricultural, industrial and commercial companies.

The operative principles that move the founders can be read in the name of the Society, AEIFORIA, which was inspired by the opening lecture of the Greek Ministry of Culture Evangelos Venizelos at the inauguration of the conference in 1997 in Thessaloniki- Greece organized by UNESCO and MIO entitled “Environment and Society: Education and Public Awareness for Sustainability”.

"The Greek word for sustainability, the word itself aeiforia, which in contrast to the English term sustainability or the French term viabilité, to take the three languages you see before you in the official Conference announcement, the word aeiforia and the limits of our language are the limits of our world. Language often dictates and expands our thought and this is a word denoting a positive direction and an active perception of the environment, of ecological sensibility, of the future of the planet. Sustainability, as is perceived through our language instinct does not refer simply to the survival of the planet. It is neither a defensive notion nor a prohibitive notion. Aeiforia is a constant efflorescence, a continual spring, a constant respect to the supreme esthetic of nature. Moreover, because the first constituent of the word is the ancient Greek word aei, it refers to the endless duration, a duration without an end. Essentially, it refers to what in Greek we would say to the ages, to the everlasting age".


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Aeiforia s.r.l.
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